Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've always been a firm believer that the world is how it's supposed to be. When it comes to nature and the trees that surround us - the bushes, plants, flowers.. etc, that you should LEAVE them where they are.
I understand that it's not always best to keep something in it's place - due to the ever changing life of those who decide to build and destroy things.
When it comes down to a magnificent, beautiful, old, BIG tree - there is absolutely NO reason to remove it from it's spot. Specially when it's older than you. Been in that place since before you were born.
It was here before you and should have outlived you.
And then you went and destroyed that beautiful, gracious big tree that resided across the street from my mother's apartment building.
I discovered upon the arrival to the house that you had done such a thing.
It makes me so sad to see such a kindred spirit be killed by someone/something so evil.

So I will keep you in my thoughts, Mr. Tree. And will miss your shade in the summer and the view of you. You were wise beyond years and had so much spirit left within you..
If only those bad men could have seen that about you or if someone had stopped them.


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  1. I can understand why certain trees are taken down around residential areas mainly because it's a matter of "safety". I personally don't feel threatened by aged trees that "could" harm me in the event of storm blowing it over. As far as large trees that are still firmly rooted and healthy though(with or without their branches), sometimes it's just a matter of aesthetics. No one is standing up to say no and so the force(I don't view it as evil but blind to something I resonate with or even just different than I) that doesn't want the tree there will have no one confronting them about what they are doing or promoting others to blindly do. For the most part, I see negative actions done to the planet as being orders given to the blind who do not know any better. I don't blame the people who do these things or the people who tell others to do them because that doesn't get anyone anywhere. Despite the seemingly unpleasant nature of the situation - sometimes even an old Tree doesn't mind moving depending on how many of his friends have left or what the area is like/what it has become compared to what it used to be like. We are all learning and all have to be an expression of what we feel is the accurate route for ourselves. If something happens and we don't like it - we need to strongly voice our feelings on the matter and take action to prevent the same thing from happening again and again. Otherwise we have no right to complain later.