Monday, February 28, 2011


Have you ever noticed how certain people have habits? Things that they do while they are busying themselves with everyday life?
I spend a fair time on transit and I've come to notice the small "twitches" that people have.
For instance, take today. There was an older lady, let's say about 40ish, riding the Subway while writing some sort of documentation on her mini mac book. As she was typing, she would stop every now and again to insert a character. (I assume that she was writing in another language - as the characters she was adding had accents) Everytime she would stop typing to add a character, she would run her left fingers through her hair. In a motion of trying to "untangle" the ends. Even if adding a character was only seconds apart from just adding one.

As I noticed this behavior, I started to look around me.
One man would rub his eyebrow shortly after turning the page in his book. Another lady would scratch her wrist as she checked her watch.

It's interesting seeing the habits of the people around you. It always makes me wonder about who actually notices these things about everyone else and what exactly causes these "twitches".

I know exactly the reason why I do things - like biting my lip when I'm in thought or cracking my knuckles when I feel like my hands aren't doing anything.

I will continue to stare around the transit and the world and watch for these things. It's interesting to say the least.

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  1. I enjoyed this blog. It's the kind of topic that can always have a new flow of info, always more tidbits added to it if one felt compelled to keep up with it. I definitely notice people's verbal habits on a fairly regular basis. I normally not around great numbers of people, so my experiences are not as broad when it comes to observing the multitudes hehehe.

    rih rih rih