Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Your breath falls onto the back of my neck.
Causing the hair to stand up as I shiver.
Your rank smell would cause me to vomit if I wasn't gagged by this old rag.
You whisper what you believe to be "sweet nothings" in my ear and yet.. those words cause such repulsion to wash over me.
I squeeze my eyes shut and let the tears splash down over the dirt streaked face of mine.
I whimper only slightly and you take it the wrong way.
I feel the cold, rough skin of the back of your hand colliding with my face.
You yell obscenities at me - telling me that I am more than no good. That I'm "just like her" and you force me from the chair in which you had bound me.
I use that as my opportunity to kick you hard as I can. You're dumbfounded by the idea that I would even fight back.
2 seconds too long. You had paused and I used the opportunity to escape.
My bare feet smacked against the pavement. The rocky ground to freedom makes it that much harder for me to keep my balance.
I want this so bad - need it so bad. Just to be away from you.
I've been here how long? I don't remember.
I hear you calling out behind me - to come back to you & you promise you won't hurt me..
I try to find my way out yet it feels like I'm running in circles. My hands splay over the concrete walls in hopes to catch me as I lose balance.
I find a sliver of light and hope within hope that that is the way to break out.
I rush towards it - holding nothing back as I fling myself through the door.
Daylight rushes in around my eyes and I'm blinded. That cellar was so dark - I wasn't expecting it to be so bright out here.
I run and run some more. The ground is uneven and it's hard to stay upright. Grass whipping my legs - roots promising to trip me with their sturdy place in the ground.
And now I hear nothing around me. I turn back - and I can't see you.
I feel the relief rush over me. I have finally gotten away.
I slow down and hope that my heart will beat normally once again. I take the opportunity to look around me to only see the beauty of the forest I have found myself in.
At this point I had come to a complete stop.
And that is when I felt your hand over my mouth and your other arm around me.
In which you whispered "I knew you wouldn't leave me". I feel the terror rise over me as the bile threatens to expel itself from my stomach..

And then I awaken in my makeshift work bed..
Realizing that it was all just in my head..

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  1. That seems like a pretty intense dream. Further detail would be interesting. Like who is the male who is keeping you captive(in a sense). The descriptive sections of your getting away portion was really interesting to read.