Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why does it feel as if I'm trapped in this continuous circle? I know the goals that I want to achieve but yet - everything keeps holding me back. I realize that I can create the future I want. But it's not easy when you're lacking in the money and opportunity to do things.

I need to find a roommate situation of some sort and soon. I would like to take my rent costs down by a fair amount but still have a place to call home.
I can't continue going on like this. I love the freedom that my own place gives me - and the help that my love gave me to get to this point but the cost involved is ludicrous. I accepted the rent terms with this apartment under the assumption that the cost was going to be split somehow. That didn't work out that way though and I seem to be paying for it.

How difficult can it be to be self sustaining ? Or find a roommate who wants the same common living space as me? Who is respectful, clean and nice - who holds some sort of interests that I do and who we can live side by side and co exist without much effort.

And then I get an email from Craigslist saying that my post was flagged for removal? I didn't put anything in my post that goes against their guidelines. Ridiculous.

It's as if I'm not supposed to find a roommate in those ways.
Which narrows it down to next to no options.


I will have to come back to this post later - and the rest of the thoughts that were going to go with it..
As my brain feels as if it's derailed and I've lost the train of thought.


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