Monday, February 21, 2011


Here is another installment of the "Amber Advice" theory that will now be quite frequent in this blog.
One thing that has come to fruition today that really got under my skin was when someone I consider a friend can't even come to me - as a person and tell me something that I did was out of line..
Or even just to remind me of something I forgot.
But that's not the worst part of it! It's based on something that I was told not to worry about.
So here we have a situation where they are bringing me into a conversation that doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with me - and yet I'm getting shit on for something.
Then I have to find out through someone else?

What a fucking coward.
My advice? Grow the fuck up. Next time message me if you have such a huge issue.
But no, instead - you got a nasty email that includes me not wanting to see your face anymore.

Hope that makes you happier than this situation made me.
Fuck you.

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  1. Here's some Steve-advice. If losers keep pulling immature shit on you, you axe them without question.