Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man. Up

I'm not sure I really care about whether this specific entry pisses any particular person off or not..
There are a few things that I need to say in regards to the things I see every day of my life.
I understand that within any "relationship", there are complications and unanswered/unresolved issues. (relationship is in quotations because I mean ANY relationship; friends, family, lovers or even people you know/see on a daily basis that you don't like.) What I don't get is the fact that people are too cowardly to say what is on their mind. If something is pissing you off - be straightforward about it.
Don't take the opportunity to do petty acts of revenge or plot behind their back as a means to rid them of your life.
How low do you really have to be to do that?
I understand more than most people what it's like to fear saying things that you know are going to make your situation harder with them. Whether it be rejection, an argument or just plain hurting a person you once cared for (or still do) but that doesn't give you any right to make them into your emotional puppet.

I agree that at certain points that people are impossible to deal with. Just basing this off things I have seen & situations I have been a part of in the past. When you start finding these little things that annoy you so much in the beginning - yet choose not to say anything about it; you end up with this ridiculous situation where it has built up and boiled inside yourself. So what are you left with? You're left with a hundred unresolved issues that now allow for every "small thing" to annoy you that much more. Then you begin to resent the person.
But really, if you reach deep down inside that small brain of yours - you'll realize something. Do you know what that is?
YOU never gave them the time of day to try and change the things that pissed you off.
YOU created a hole where this person could easily have stayed in your life.
YOU destroyed what could have possibly been a very good relationship.
And do YOU know why?
All because you let things stew and stew and go unresolved - and now you've come to resent the person, resent the relationship and are still too damn cowardly to say anything.

So here you have yourself a tricky little situation, don't you? You're in a consistent circle of where you're stuck in their presence while they continue to do the same things that annoy you so much and you still can't say anything.
It's hell by definition and you're just stuck.

So you know what I suggest? And this is what I will now refer to as some "Amber Advice" - I would stop your god damn whining. Man the fuck up. Tell the person "Yo, asshole - stop using my fucking shampoo or I'll kick your ugly ass" and get it over with. If they persist - well, the relationship was never meant to be there. But at least you opened your mouth and said something.

It'll feel good. I promise.

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